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Our site is dedicated to preserving the memory and historical significance of the    E.F. Hodgson Company which was "America's First Organized Prefabricated House Manufacturer before Aladdin, Sears and Montgomery Ward".


  The E.F. Hodgson Company advertised their homes could be built in day because of their prebuilt wall panels including windows and doors and the panels were also pre-painted in the factory.  The house was bolted together onsite using a unique key bolting system. 




The houses could be quickly assembled or easily  disassembled to be relocated to a new site based upon a new job opportunity in particular region or the need to just relocate the house.



All of the E.F. Hodgson Company records were lost from water damage as result of a winter storm.  This site is the best place to learn in depth about the company and how the company and the founder, Ernest Franklin Hodgson were a pioneer in the prefabricated housing market.


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Hodgson Catalogs

The E.F. Hodgson Company sold their prefabricated homes through magazine advertisements and catalogs and shipped them by rail.  They also displayed model homes in outdoor exhibits in Dover, MA, New York, NY and Boston, MA.

Check out several of the catalogs or advertisements on this website:

 Hodgson Catalogs




If you want a hard copy of two Hodgson catalogs (1935 and 1939) which are not on the website, purchase our book from

















Find a Hodgson House Today

Hodgson Homes were well built using high quality materials, such as Oregon Pine and Red Cedar and were shipped all over the world and many still exist today. Wealthy and well-known families like the DuPont's also owned a Hodgson House.  The DuPont's Hodgson House is known as Bassett House and still exists today at James Madison Montpelier home and museum in Orange, Virginia which is near Charlottesville, Virginia. 



Check out a Birdhouse still in use today at 12 Farm Street in Dover, MA.



Find a Hodgson House Today


Learn more about how Hodgson Houses were built.

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6 Hodgson Cabins still being used and in pristine condition located in Hero, VT






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