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Hodgson Houses Around The World



Camp Sloane YMCA started with 20 Hodgson houses in 1928 and they paid $20,000 for them.  Today, there are 6 left due to the efforts and passion of maintaining the houses by Chris Wadsworth, Director of Facilities and Maintenance his contact email:

Camp Sloane YMCA
124 Indian Mountain Rd.
Lakeville, CT 06039




Bristol (house is actually in Pemaquid)

608 Old County Road - 1940 Hodgson Home is pristine condition inside and outside. The inside looks like it is right out of one of the Hodgson catalogs; period wallpaper, sconces on the wall, wood trim on the ceilings and an Empress Atlantic cook stove in the kitchen.  It's amazing.









These pictures were taken by Steve Gleason of Warren, ME.  His grandfather, Carroll C. Gleason Sr., lived at 10 Meeting House Hill Rd. (formerly 11 Hodgeport Lane). Both his grandfather and father served in WW II.  His father was a career Navy man.

Burnt Island

E .F. Hodgson House house on Burnt Island, still stands, although it is uninhabited and in rough shape.




170 Dedham Street, Dover, MA

36 Centre Street, Dover, MA -  Present and Past - built by E.F Hodgson., for daughter Geraldine.

  1939 - shown on page 2 in 1939 E. F. Hodgson Catalog



45 Centre Street, Dover, MA

47 Centre Street, Dover, MA

131 Centre Street, Dover, MA - For Sale





80 Dedham St, Dover, MA    

located near the Sawin Memorial Building - 1930 Shed in the process of being restored.


7/7A Haven Street, Dover, MA

23 Haven Street, Dover, MA

7 Church Street, Dover, MA




19 Church Street, Dover, MA


21 Church Street, Dover, MA - House designed by Richard Hodgson, E.F.Hodgson's son died 1943.





1 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA





2 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA - Present and Past                           

1935 - shown from page 28 in 1935 E. F. Hodgson Catalog





3 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA





4 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA





5 Meeting House Hill Road , Dover, MA





6 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA





8 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA






10 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA





12 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA





14 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA





16 Meeting House Hill Road, Dover, MA  




4 Shady Lane. Dover, MA - Hodgson Shed.  The shed at 4 Shady Lane, Dover (on page 51 of the 1935 catalog you can see it in our book "Portable and Prefabricated Houses of the Thirties The E.F. Hodgson Company 1935 and 1939 Catalogs Unabridged Reprint").  Harvey Howell is the current owner and is standing in front of the shed on the porch in the second picture. The building was originally put up on the current site of Dover Country Properties located at 4 Walpole Street by Phyllis Draper and used as her office for Draper Real Estate.  Apparently Perry who was the developer of the Shady Lane-Tubwreck Road area (in fact mother originally wanted to buy the house behind 4 Shady Lane on Tubwreck) and he evidently got hold of the building and put in on Harvey's house lot.  The house is in great shape.   l 


17 Springdale Avenue, Dover, MA - Dover Church office and library




2 Dedham Street, Dover, MA - Original E. F. Hodgson Company Factory Site. The Dover Public Works occupies the site today.

Ernest F. Hodgson began with the manufacture of "PEEP-O-DAY" brooder houses for hatching and growing baby chicks. The early factory behind the depot at the railroad tracks looked like this in 1897.



The Hodgson Portable House Factory eventually grew to be the largest commercial operation Dover ever had. The buildings extended about six hundred feet behind the railroad tracks where the Department of Public Works is now. Lumber, siding, shingles, hardware and other building materials arrived by rail at the New York New H\#ª‚F©pE˜R¨@@Cº{b‚. Pç>^2PâÆ €Cà éI"G¢lp;                                                              

The entrance to the factory was through a latticed wooden arch beside the railroad station. In this photograph takenby Louise Emmons sometime about 1926, the sign lettersat the top of the arch announce the "PORTABLE HOUSE EXHIBIT".


View in the factory yard in the 1930's. The water tower pipe and support legs are visible at the left. The Model House Exhibit is beyond the end of the buildings.




The Portable Houses Exhibit area behind the factory buildings covered more than an acre and featured full scale models of the houses. This photograph from the Hodgson House Catalogue was probably taken sometime in the late 1920's.



1 Old Meadow Road - built by E.F. Hodgson for wife, Florence, last Hodgson House built in town, 1940.





2 Old Meadow Road

4 Old Meadow Road

12 Farm Street - Hodgson Bird House shown in the "50th Anniversary Catalog 1942" page 111 "No 6 Bluebird House for Bluebirds, Wrens, Tree and Barn Swallows. 4 rooms, 10 ft. Pole.  Painted white and dark green. Price.....$7.00 Without pole.....$5.00




Click map below to view a Architectural Walking Tour Map of 12 Hodgson Houses, Site of original factory, gravesite of E. F. Hodgson in Dover, MA.




E. F. Hodgson Grave Stone located in Highland Cemetery on Centre Street, Dover, MA.





23 Sears Road, Chatham, MA


76 Oliver Dr, East Dennis, MA





460 Main St., Millis, MA

The house originally had a carport, but in the 70s it was enclosed and made it into a garage. The roof was redone in the late 70s. A shed was added in the backyard that held two horses in 1971.

South Yarmouth (Cape Cod)

63 River Street, in Bass River, on Cape Cod -1922






Woods Hole

5 Mast Road, Woods Hole

Before and After pictures related to disassembling in August 2005 and reassembling with improvements completed by August of 2007.  Incredible transformation.  Its like a brand new Hodgson House.



52 Circuit Ave, Wareham, MA



Sand Point Lake, Minnesota (swimming distance to the Canadian Border)

The Ingersoll Estate is located within Voyageurs National Park in St. Louis County Minnesota.  The property qualifies as a Seasonal Estate according to the registration requirements set forth in the Multiple Property Nomination form for Tourism and Recreational Development in Voyageurs National Park.  The property includes the main cabin and boathouse, as well as a caretakers’ cabin, workshop/sauna/icehouse, a privy, generator shed, remnants of a garden, garden elements, stone steps, stone paths, other circulation routes, lights, and the ruins of several buildings.  Non-historic resources include a dock, signs, and the ruin of a greenhouse that was built in the 1970s.


Ingersoll’s Island is a 7.58 acre island made up of a large rock outcrop situated in Sand Point Lake, Minnesota.  It is located approximately six miles north-northeast of the community of Crane Lake, Minnesota, and less than one-eighth of a mile west of the Canadian border just northwest of Harrison Narrows.[1]  The terrain slopes steeply along the north, east, and west sides of the island and includes wooded areas and large rock outcrops.  The main cabin is located in the north-central portion of the island, perched approximately 45 feet above the lake atop a large rock outcrop near a steep rocky ridge commanding a dramatic view of the lake and landscape to the east and northeast.  Nearby, another cliff overlook is located on the north end of the island.  The boathouse, caretakers’ cabin, and other service-related outbuildings are located in the southern portion of the island where the ground gradually tapers to the elevation of the water.  Remnants of a garden are situated on a relatively level site near the eastern shore between the service-related area and the main cabin.


Ingersoll found it necessary to keep a utility vehicle on the island to carry luggage and visitors up the steep hill to the main cabin.[2]   

Main Cabin 

The main building is a prefabricated, panelized, one story, four-bedroom wood frame house.  It was manufactured by the E. F. Hodgson Company of Dover, Massachusetts, and erected in 1928.  The basic structure forms a rectangle 60'- 1.75" long (along an approximately north-south axis), by 21' 10.25" wide.  The front door opens from the south wall onto a screened porch which, at 18' 5.5", is only slightly narrower than the house wall, and is 8' 2.75" deep.  A 7' by  11' 10.25" open porch is attached to a side door, which is well to the south of the center of the west wall.  The medium-pitched hipped roof peaks at 18 feet.