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Arthurdale Heritage, Inc., Arthurdale, West Virginia - where 50 Hodgson Homes were built and still exist today except two

A non profit corporation, founded in 1985, dedicated to preserving the history of Arthurdale, West Virginia, the First New Deal Community in the United States, created in 1933 and homesteaded in 1934.

Hodgson Houses are located on the Arthurdale website under the heading "Arthurdale in the Past" sub heading "Houses" then click on "Hodgson". 

If you are planning on visiting Arthurdale, West Virginia please click on the link of the "Arthurdale WV Self Guided Driving Tour".  You will see Hodgson Houses on this tour. 

Arthurdale WV Self Guided Driving Tour.pdf

Arthurdale Map Computer Generated from 1930.pdf

Aladdin Homes

A competitor of E. F. Hodgson Co. located Bay City, Michigan. 

Built in a Day:Capturing the Era of Catalog Architecture

American National Biography Online

 Ernest Franklin Hodgson's Biography on American National Biography Online:

Cabot Stains

E.F. Hodgson Co. used stains from Cabot Stains -- moss green for the roof and brown for the sides.  

Dover Historical Society, Dover, Massachusetts

E. F. Hodgson Co, operated in Dover, Massachusetts,  from 1892-1944.

General Articles on Historic Prefabricated Homes

House and Yard The Design of the Suburban Home - U.S. Department of Interior, National Park

The Whole Kit and Caboodale

National Trust for Historic Preservation Library Collection - Kit Houses

Gordon Van Tine Company

A competitor of E. F. Hodgson Co. located Davenport, Iowa.


James Madison Home in Montpelier, Virginia

When the duPont family owned James Madison house, Marion duPont Scott built a home for her horse steeple chase jockey and trainer, Carol K. Bassett, on the estate.  The house she built was a Hodgson House.  The house is called Bassett House today.  It still exists today and is in pristine condition.  It is located along East Gate Road.  Landscape Map of the Madison Estate showing East gate Road:  East Gate Road leads to the back exit of the James Madison Estate.  when my father, daughter and I visited James Madison House in August 2008 nobody related to the James Madison House really knows about much the Hodgson House.  Our website has a lot of the information and pictures about this house.   This house is worth seeing the inside is in great condition and the outside has a lovely porch and gardens.  Marion duPont Scott's Jockey lived well in this house. 


Lustron Home

The Lustron House was an innovative solution to the post-WWII housing crisis. Many thought the porcelain enamel clad wonder would be the General Motors of the housing industry. Production began in 1948, but by 1950 production problems and a corruption scandal brought it to a halt. The factory was closed and the equipment sold or scrapped. All in all, only about 2,680 of these unique homes were built. Sadly, it is estimated that only 1,500 of these unique homes survive today. Each year, dozens more are lost to demolition, neglect, and unsympathetic changes and alterations.